Real Estate Powered by Intelligence

The Technology
The Technology

Urbanix is the First REI Company

Urbanix is a Real Estate Intelligence company that allows us to identify highly profitable projects. It is usually done by screening thousands of different opportunities before they reach the market.

It took us years to develop this highly accurate prediction tool.
With our prediction tools. This technology can screen the lucrative projects out of many potential, unprofitable ones. we can identify the high value projects out of the unprofitable ones.

This can be done by analyzing the potential success rate of each project.
This technology helps us identify successful projects ten times more compared to our competitors who do not have this technology.

In Urbanix, we use many sources of public and first party data to estimate the potential of projects.

The detection and the estimation of the potential of the projects is a major task in this field.
This can result in either gain or loss.
This REI also provides the capability of suggesting how to make the projects profitable.
When it becomes profitable, it becomes a success story for the clients, the suppliers and the entrepreneurs.

They all play a prime role in the success of the project.

How We Do It?

Several factors make our company so special.
First of all, we have 20 years of experience in the fields of online business. We have extensive experience in collecting data, utilizing our high capability in the art of machine learning, data science and more.

Not only do we constantly gain more experience by employing these skills, it also makes us very effective.

We are very proud of our unique tool that helps us screen good projects from bad ones.